The Beast from the East

With the end of February in sight, the temperatures dropped in whole western Europe below zero,
with the strong wind from the East the windchill factor dropped very further than just that.

In several countries they give it names like, "the beast of the east" or "The Russian Bear" but it was actually just not more
than a high pressure area above Scandinavia that brought us winter.

With good and the right clothes there's nothing wrong with it.


The advantage we had was that we had several days of sunny cold weather and together with the full moon it took care of extra low tide,
that created ice at the borders of the Western Scheldt. Its something that you would not see very fast.

Because of strong winds and the tide that changes several times a day there emerged crossing ice what gave a beautiful sight.

I visited this spot many times before but with this scene it was very special to be there, two days later i returned in the early morning just before the snow came that they forecasted.

It was minus 6 and with 6 beaufort it felt like around minus 15. It wasn’t funny to stand there at that moment.
After trying to take a couple of photographs i decided to go home again, so the beast defeated me 😉

No just kidding, the light and circumstances were not where i hoped for.

The cold is chased away and temperatures are rising so it’s time to think on spring now.

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