Last week we had another heavy storm here in the Netherlands. And fortunately I had time to go directly to the beach after my morning shift.

At the same time with the storm there was also spring tide, so extra high water this time!

At home I had already mounted my telephoto lens on my camera with the idea of taking pictures of the waves smashing against the breakwaters, but because of the extra high water there was no one pole of the breakers to be seen.

The water came so far that I even had to get off the beach, into the dunes.
Good that they are there!

From the dunes I had a nice view over the rough sea and how the waves had knocked away part of the front dunes.

So I had to change lenses, but luckily I found a spot out of the wind.

Nature’s Power

When I walked back along the water line, the loose sand blew beautifully over the beach. This image was certainly worth a photo too!

Storm Creations

It was a hard day for the equipment but totally worth it!

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